Weight Gain Powder 


The perfect solution for people who want to gain weight fast, it help achieve the desired weight goals really quick.



Weight Gain Powder 



Soybean Milk powder, maltodextrin, whey protein, soy protein extracted from whole fat milk powder, edible glucose, calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, vitamin mineral pre mixed materials, refined edible salt, hydraxymethlyl sodium vitamin, taurine, sucralose, food essence. 


Food Guide 

Use Warm Water and follow instructions below: 

  1. Pour 300ml of warm water at about 40 degrees celcius. 
  1. Add 3-4 spoons of powder to the warm water 
  1. Mix and shake well 
  1. Drink within 30 minutes before/after exercise 


Pour in water first then pour in the powder. It is recommended to drink with sugary drinks, which is beneficial for absorption.  

It is not recommended to drink with orange juice or caffeinated drinks because they are not conducive for absorption. 

Add 3-4 spoons half an hour before training: 

After the powder is fully prepared before training, the muscles will be full of energy and the exercise is more enjoyable. 

Add 3-4 spoons after an hour of training: 

Muscle synthesis prime time, accelerate protein absorption after exercises and restore physical strength. 

3-4 spoons for half an hour after meals: 

Provide sufficient calories and nutrients, intake is greater than consumption and weight gain is faster. 


Improve muscle nutrition 

Improve muscle function 

Make up for single protein indeed 




Nutritional composition table 


Project                                             Every 100gram (g)                       Nutrient reference value (%) 


Energy                                                          1771KJ 

Protein                                                          30.0g 

Fat                                                                 10.6g 

Carbohydrate                                              51.1g 

Sodium                                                         500mg 

Vitamin A                                                     600ug RE 

Vitamin D                                                      0.7ug                                                    

Vitamin E                                                     7.00mg a-TE 

Vitamin B1                                                   0.84mg 

Vitamin B2                                                   0.84mg 

Vitamin B6                                                  0.84mg 

Vitamin B12                                                1.92ug 

Niacin                                                           11.2mg 

Folic Acid                                                     240ug 

Pantothenic Acid                                       3.0mg 

Calcium                                                        800mg 

Iron                                                               9.0mg 

Zinc                                                               7.5mg 

Taurine                                                        110mg  


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